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Live from the overflow.

Who we are...

Learn to live from the overflow. 

At Soul Care, we desire to change the narrative about deep, unintentional soul neglect. We've been there, and have found a new way of life and leadership. You can too.
We're here to demystify the process of individual spiritual formation, declutter organizational approaches, and develop key partnerships to change this reality globally. Never has it been more essential that we live and lead from soul health.
Our prayer is that you will find practical wisdom and companionship on the journey in this way of life-restoring life and health to your soul, releasing your God-given potential and destiny.


Soul Care helps you deepen your own spiritual life, and inspire the same in others. We provide services, experiences, relationships, and tools that aim to:
  • Help leaders foster authentic life with God
  • Help organizations lead towards the growth of those they serve
  • Mentor leaders to re-establish their spiritual vitality as the primary step towards sustainable ministry and leadership
We are here to help you explore practical ways to restore life and vitality to your own soul, the "soul" of your team, and the vision of your organization.

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We're a good hang...

Soul Care Collective is a free global digital network that exists to offer space, community, and tools for the individual and organizations who are looking to grow in what it looks like to live from a healthy soul and authentically lead others to transformation. 
Our desire is that together we would meet the significance of this moment in the world with ideas, relationships, experiences, and practices that will help people live and lead from a healthy soul through: 
  • Relationships: Access to like-minded people who desire to seek Soul Health 
  • Space: Creation of “more space” dedicated to the soul, to God, to one another
  • Equipping: Tools and access to paid courses and workshops 
  • Inspiration: A place of refreshment